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Vortrag: 3D-Drucker Grundlagen

December 4th, 2016 | Posted by Jani in Ankündigungen - (1 Comments)

Vor Weihnachten steht bestimmt bei einigen ein 3D-Drucker auf dem Wunschzettel. Mit dem 3D-Druck ist es möglich, eigene Ideen zu verwirklichen. Wo man früher viel Werkzeug benötigt hat um Materialien wie Holz und Alu zu bearbeiten, werden die Modelle im 3D-Druck fast ohne Nacharbeit erzeugt. Da schadet es nicht, wenn man sich vorher informieren kann wie die 3D-Drucktechnik funktioniert, was man alles dazu benötigt und auf was zu achten ist. Am Anfang kann man aus dem Internet sehr viele Modelle herunterladen, für den Drucker aufbereiten und dann drucken. Aber richtig Spaß macht es erst, wenn man mit CAD-Programmen selber
3D-Druckvorlagen erstellen kann. Wenn man mal gesehen hat, wie aus einer Idee ein 3D-Model mit einem Programm erstellt wird und es dann auf einem Drucker entsteht, hat man einen guten Einstieg für sein eigenes 3D-Druckerprojekt.

1. Grundlagen des 3D-Drucks
2. 3D-Modelle erzeugen
3. Aufbereitung des 3D-Modells für den Druck (Slicen)
4. Drucken des 3D-Models
5. Tipps für die Anschaffung eines 3D-Druckers

Peter Foschum und Jani Leinonen vom Hackerspace Ulm e.V.

Der Vortrag findet am Donnerstag 8. Dezember um 19 Uhr im Freiraum (Hackerspace Ulm) statt.


Debian & Ubuntu packaging workshop

February 1st, 2016 | Posted by Jani in Sonstiges - (0 Comments)

Whoever is interested in any aspects of Debian and Ubuntu development, is welcome to this workshop. During this workshop we will be learning to package software for Debian and Ubuntu Linux Distributions in hands on manner.

The idea is to meet each other, learn together, work together and generally have fun hacking with our favourite GNU/Linux distributions. This workshop is our first meeting and we will agree on the future meetings as well. There is also a Facebook group called Debian/Ubuntu GNU/Linux Hacking Meetings in Ulm .

The workshop will start on Saturday 6th of February 2016 at 11 am in Hackerspace Ulm (aka Freiraum).

The Hackerspace Night on Thursday 9th of October starts around 8pm.

There is a meeting of the Stratospheric Balloon Project starting around 9 pm. The idea of the project is to send a balloon with some measuring instruments to the Stratosphere. The project has a wiki page.

Welcome to the Hackerspace Night!

Weather Balloon Project Meeting

October 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Jani in Sonstiges - (0 Comments)

There are some people of the Hackerspace Ulm that are interested in sending a weather balloon with some measuring and communication instruments. On Thursday 2nd of October we will get together and start to plan the project. New people are more than welcome to join us. We will start the discussion around 9 pm.

The next meeting will be in one week on Thursday 9th of October at 9pm. If you can´t come for the first meeting you are welcome to the second one.

Hackerspace night on Thursday (25th of September)

September 25th, 2014 | Posted by Jani in Sonstiges - (0 Comments)

On Thursday 25th of September is again the Hackerspace night. The doors will be open around 7:30 pm onwards.
Today the ad hoc presentation is “How to simulate electrical circuits with computer and spice-simulator”. It begins around 9pm.

On Tuesday 2nd of September there will Open Street Map (OSM) group meeting in Hackerspace Ulm starting at 7 pm.


August 28th, 2014 | Posted by Jani in Ankündigungen - (0 Comments)

It’s summer holiday season and we had a visitor from Hackerspace Bielefeld. He told us about the history and the ongoing projects of the hackerspace. We gave a tour in our hackerspace and we visited Radio freeFM as well. We had very interesting discussions and we got very good project ideas as well.

There was a short introduction into through hole component and SMD (surface mounted devices) soldering. Later in the spring there is planned to be a course on PCB (printed circuit board)-design and manufacturing.


Every Thursday there is a Meeting day in the Hackerspace Ulm (also known as the Freiraum). New people are always welcome to join us.

Last Thursday (22nd of August 2013) there were lots of things happening in the Hackerspace. We build some ham radio (Funkamateur) antennas and then we measured them using Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). The antennas were surprisingly good although we did them quickly using some cheap basic material. The nature of laws don’t respect the price of building materials ;)

We also found out that the VNA is a really good instrument for testing different kind of antenna types that people themselves invent. Its really easy and quick just to make an antenna and them measure it. Then you can make some changes and measure again. This could be called evolutionary antenna building.

There were also other things happening. Some people presented their projects ideas and other people were giving comments and new ideas to them. This way the projects can get lots of input and some problems can be solved. It’s also an opportunity to get other people interested of the project and get them on board. To make something together makes it more fun.


Measuring a discone antenna with vector network analyzer.  Discone antennas are wideband antennas (in this case about 80 – 500 MHz).



Making modifications to a data projector.